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Technical problems at the University have no connection with IT attack

Yesterday, May 14, Halmstad University had technical problems with some IT systems. Unfortunately, these coincided with the global IT attack that's currently in progress.

"The University's technical problems are unrelated to the IT attack," emphasises Head of IT, Lasse Hagestam.

Sunday's technical problems at the University affected several of the IT systems where employees and students log in with their University user information, such as Blackboard, Personnel Database (PDB), and Helpdesk for administrators.

"The University's technical problems should now be resolved. If you still have problems logging into any system, please contact Helpdesk", says Lasse Hagestam.

Be alert

"As far as we know, no users, at least no members of staff, at the University have suffered from the global IT attack. However, I would like to take this opportunity to call for extra caution and being vigilant as a user. The most common way in which IT viruses are spread is via email where the user clicks on links or opens attachments", says Lasse Hagestam.

The IT attack that is currently taking place around the world is a huge and collective attempt to infect as many computers as possible with ransomware (cryptolocker), that is, viruses that encrypt all files on a computer and all the networks to which the computer is connected, for the University's employees, for example, the home directory and joint folders on the server Norpin.

Updated 2017-05-15