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Halmstad University in social media

Halmstad University is active in several different social media channels. Through them, you can communicate with us and keep updated on what's happening at the University.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Halmstad University has two pages on Facebook, one in Swedishexternal link and one in Englishexternal link. They are mainly aimed at current and future students, but is also of interest to anyone who wants to know more about what is happening at the University.

On Twitterexternal link you can follow everything that has to do with the University's research, education and external collaboratons – often connected to current trends. Twitter is suitable for anyone who wants to get a quick, current and more personal view of the University's activities. The Twitter account is mainly in Swedish.

On our Instagramexternal link account, we show photos of what's going on at the University. The target audience is mainly future and current students. Photos are published both by students and the University's Communications Department. The Instagram acount is mainly in Swedish.

Facebook (Halmstad University)

Twitter (@hogskolan)

Instagram (@hogskolanihalmstad)


You can find videos from Halmstad University on Youtubeexternal link and Vimeoexternal link. Among other things, you can watch videos about our programmes, interviews with former students and research seminars.


The blog portal collects all our blogs – among them you can find several student blogs as well as the Student Healthcare Centre blog and the University Library blog. Most blogs are in Swedish.

The University blog portalexternal link
The Communications Department is responsible for the University's official accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Vimeo.

Updated 2015-11-06