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Emergency and safety routines

If something serious has happened

Students and employees at Halmstad University are responsible for reporting accidents, deaths, work injuries etc which can constitute a crisis / emergency for individual persons or groups.

In case of an emergency or serious situation, call SOS alarm by dialling 112. Then call the Halmstad University helpline, 035-299 10 30.

If you receive a message that something serious has happened, you should make a note of:

  • the time of the call / message
  • the name of the person sending the message along with their telephone number
  • what has happened
  • who has been injured / involved in the incident

If you discover faults, damages or problems in and around the University premises, call the University helpline, 035-299 10 30. You can call 24 hours a day.

In a non-emergency situation:

If the situation is not an emergency, but you are made aware of an accident, a death or other serious incident concerning students or staff, contact your immediate head of school / department first of all.

Head of school


Phone number

Mobile number

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

Susanna Öhman

035-16 77 60

0729-77 38 16

School of Business, Engineering and Science

Anna Cregård

035-16 79 09

0729-67 68 59

School of Health and Welfare

Lena-Karin Erlandsson

035-16 74 40

0729-77 38 18

School of Information Technology

Magnus Clarin

035-16 72 84

0703-06 26 21


If this for some reason is not possible, contact one of the following members of staff from the crisis management team:

Crisis management team

Phone number

Mobile number

Stephen Hwang, Vice-Chancellor

035-16 71 50

Catarina Coquand, University Director

035-16 78 70

0708-88 92 56

Rikard Ahlgren, Property Manager

035-16 71 47

0705-98 48 33

Jenny Söderberg, Acting Head of Human Resources

035-16 71 94

729 -77 35 80

Selma Sedelius, Head of Communications

035-16 71 84

0708-71 34 89

Pernilla Nilsson, Pro Vice-Chancellor

035-16 75 52

070-835 27 72

Student Union President

0707-44 71 10


Questions from media should primarily be directed to Selma Sedelius, Head of Communications, who is a member of the crisis management team.

Practical internal questions should be directed to Rikard Ahlgren, Property Manager, who is a member of the crisis management team.

Updated 2018-12-13