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Study break, interruption of studies and deferment

If you need leave of absence from or are unable to continue your studies, you must apply for leave of absence or interruption of studies. If you fail to do so you will only be able to resume your studies if there are seats available.

Leave of absence from studies

A leave of absence from studies is granted for one semester or one year at a time and means that you take a break from your studies.

If you are considered to have special reasons for continuing the studies after the absence, you will keep your place on the programme. Special reasons for continuing studies after study breaks may be social, medical or other special circumstances such as childcare, military or civic service or student union assignments that affect the student's ability to complete the programme in normal time.

When you return to your studies you proceed according to your original programme syllabus, provided that the programme has not changed, and that you meet the prerequisites for forthcoming courses.

During your leave of absence from studies you are responsible for reading your student email.

You may not register for any new courses during your leave, but you are entitled to do retakes of examinations

If you have not applied for leave of absence or registered for the next semester, the absence is considered as an interruption of studies. You may then resume your studies only if there are available seats on the programme.

Application for leave of absence from studies

You should apply for the leave of absence from studies before the semester starts by using the Leave of absence application formPDF (pdf, 92.4 kB). You can also find the form at Service Center. You must submit supporting documents together with the application, we will only accept certified copies of documents. 

If your application is approved, the leave of absence from studies is registered in the Ladok system and you are notified via your student email. If your application is rejected, you receive an email with a reason for the decision.
If you need to extend your leave of absence from studies, a new application must be made.

Returning to your studies after the leave of absence from studies

Before you resume your studies, you have to claim your place on the programme by sending an email to The deadline for autumn semester is April 15 and for the spring semester October 15.
When you plan your return it is important that you make the necessary course selection for your upcoming semester, pay the tuition fee and apply for extension of your visa if required.

Residence permit for studies/visa

If you are a tuition fee paying student with a residence permit for studies, your permit can be affected if you are taking leave of absence (granted or not). The Migration Agency recommend us to inform you that they can revoke your permit for studies as the permit require that you are actually studying.

Even if you are taking leave of absence, you have the same requirements for obtaining extension of the residence permit for studies, such as satisfactory study results etc.

Please see the Migration Agency websiteexternal link for further information.

Tuition fees

If you are a tuition fee paying student and you are granted leave of absence from studies, it is very important that you forward the decision to Otherwise you will be invoiced for the upcoming semester.


If you have a scholarship or funding from external parties, you should check how a leave of absence from studies affects your situation.


Your right to student accommodation may be affected; check with the Student Union which rules apply.

Interruption of studies

If you do not intend to continue your studies, you must submit the form Notification of interruption of studiesPDF (pdf, 91.2 kB), which is available in Servicecenter. Students who interrupt their studies may resume their education only if there are seats available in the current school year.

Deferment of studies

According to the Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 7, § 33, a student who is admitted to basic or advanced level, may in certain cases be granted leave of absence from studies. The reasons for leave of absence can be social, medical or other special circumstances such as childcare, military or civic service, student union assignments or deferred leave pursuant to the Act (1974: 981) on workers' right to leave for education.

The reason for deferment must concern you and be beyond your control.

The deferment is for a year and a deferment decision can be made with the condition that the student must reapply for the semester he/she intends to start studying (HSVFS 1999:1).

Deferment of studies will not be approved if you have been offered a seat in the local reserve admission.

Deferment of studies for freestanding courses is generally not granted.

Decisions to deny the request for deferment of studies can be appealed to the University Appeals Committee.

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