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Degree certificates

To obtain a degree certificate from Halmstad University, it is mandatory to hand in an application. This can be done either in paper form or online in Student Ladok.

Master students

  • When you have completed your Master's studies, you have to show the original Bachelor's degree and transcripts when you apply for the Master's degree or we will not be able to issue the Master's degree. We will not accept provisional degrees.
  • If you already uploaded or submitted the original Bachelor degree when you applied through University Admissions, you do not need to show or upload the degree again. Make sure that the degree is available at your account at
  • If you applied during your final semester and have not uploaded the original bachelor degree or if you have uploaded a provisional degree, you need to upload the original bachelor degree at When you have uploaded the degree, please inform us by sending an email to
  • The Bachelor's degree certificate has to be the very same degree that was uploaded/submitted and approved in the application process prior to your admission.
  • When you have completed your studies, you must apply for the Master's degree online through Student Ladok.

Bachelor student (including Erasmus exchange students)

  • If you intend to apply for a Bachelor's degree certificate, read the information in the form ”Appendix to application for degree certificate”. The requirements for a Bachelor's degree are stated in the form. Hand in the appendix and transcripts including ECTS together with the application form.
  • When you have completed your studies, you may apply for a Bachelor's degree, either by the form ”Application for degree certificate” or online through Student Ladok.

Receiving your degree certificate

We will send the degree certificate to the address you have stated in the application form. The certificate will be sent by registered letter.

The degree certificate will normally be issued within two months after the complete application has been submitted.

Updated 2018-06-13