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Student Ladok

Between November 30 and December 10, Halmstad University will be upgrading both its system for study documentation (Ladok) as well as the learning platform Blackboard. In connection with this, the Student Portal will be replaced. Here you can read about what is happening and how things will be afterwards.

From December 11 you will log in to the new system Student Ladok (instead of the Student Portal) when you want to register, see your results, register for exams, create transcripts of records or apply for your degree certificate.

Important dates

November 6–26: The registration for ALL exams in December is open.

November 30: The Student Portal closes.

November 30–December 10: You can no longer log in to the Student Portal. You can't see your results, register for exams, create transcripts of records or apply for your degree certificate during this period.

December 11: Student Ladok opens and you will again have access to all functions from the Student Portal, but then in the new system Student Ladok.

Student Portal closing November 30

The Student Portal will be closed November 30 and after that you will no longer be able to log in. During the period of November 30–December 10, you will not be able to register, see your results, register for exams, create transcripts or apply for your degree certificate. These functions will be closed temporarily. Note that not even teachers or administrators have access to these functions.

Blackboard will not be closed

Blackboard is updated gradually and will not be closed during this period. When everything is finished, you will find your personal schedule, course and programme syllabi and practice exams in Blackboard – apart from everything that is already there. Just in time for spring semester, January 15, Blackboard will have a new design and be more mobile friendly. But when you want to study in Blackboard, it will even after the upgrade be easier to use a computer instead of mobile/tablet.

Changed times for exam registration

Those of you with exams in December must register between November 6 and November 26. Register as usual in the Student Portal – regardless of when in December your exam is. You will not be able to register after November 26.

Note: At, under Examination search, you can see which exam hall you will be in. The schedule in the Student Portal will not be available.

Those of you with exams in January 2018 will also be affected by the changed times, but you are not able to register yet.

Information on when registration closes for exams in December and January.

Log in to Student Ladok

On December 11, Halmstad University plans to open Student Ladok. Information on how to log in will be provided later.

The information on this page will be updated regularly and is subject to change. Please check back every now and then to make sure you don't miss out on important information. Use the link for easy access.

Updated 2017-11-16