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User tips

We have tried to ensure that the contents of the website are as accessible and useful for as many users as possible.

Keyboard shortcuts

The website follows standard Swedish recommendations for keyboard shortcuts. The principal target groups are partially-sighted and dyslectic users who need to find what they are looking for as simply as possible.

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The keyboard shortcuts are activated in various ways depending on the web browser and operative system you are using. If you are using Internet Explorer for Windows, you need to hold down the Alt-key, the desired keyboard shortcut and then press enter; using a Mac you need to use Ctrl + the shortcut key.  

Changing the appearance of web pages

You can change the appearance of web pages in your browser. You can read more about how to do this on the Adjust settings page. If the text on the pages is too small or too big you can change this very simply by using the built-in functions of the browser. In the majority of modern web browsers you can do this by holding down the Ctrl-key and rolling the mouse wheel. Otherwise you can find alternatives for changing the text size in the menus of the web browser.

Updated 2017-12-04