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Högskolan i Halmstad erbjuder ett antal forskarutbildningskuser inom områdena Informationsteknologi, Innovationsvetenskap och Hälsa och livsstil. Mer information om kurserna hittar du här.

Nedan listas de kurser som ges inom ramen för forskarutbildningsområdet Innovationsvetenskap.

Innovation Science I, (7,5 credits)

Innovation Sciences is about understanding how novelty is entering the world, e.g. developing knowledge and understanding how innovations are created as products, processes, service and as organizational and social innovations. This broad conception of innovations includes also other but economical and technical disciplines can contribute to the knowledge development in this field. Social sciences, Humanities and Behavioral sciences are offering contributions for creation and developing knowledge and understanding.

This is a basic course, compulsory for doctoral students in Innovation Sciences at Halmstad University and will be followed by an advanced course in Innovation Sciences.

More information

Course coordinator
Interested students are requested to send their names and disciplinary background to the course co-ordinator
Prof. Bernd Hofmaier.

Innovation Sciences II, (7,5 credits)

The course is intended for all doctoral students interested in the area of Innovation Sciences. The number of participants in the course is limited to 20 doctoral students. Primarily we accept doctoral students admitted to doctoral studies in Innovation Sciences.

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Course coordinator
Mike Daniloviclänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster
, Prof.Industrial Management-Innovation and Technology Management

International  Entrepreneurship and Marketing (7,5 credits)

Purpose and objectives

The overall objective of the course is to enable the student to develop the ability to independently and critically review literature in the subject areas of international entrepreneurship and marketing respectively. Thereafter, the student is expected to independently write own scientific essay (s) in a chosen problem area. The purpose of the course, therefore, is to give the student an up to date knowledge in international entrepreneurship and marketing.

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Course coordinators

Prof. Svante Andersson, Halmstad University

Prof. Gabriel Awuah, Halmstad University

Qualitative Research Methods

The course is planned to start in autumn 2014.

Quantitative Research Methods 7,5 credits

The course is offered week 40-50, i.e. Sep 30--Dec 6 (50% of full time studies).

This is a core course in the innovation science Ph. D. progamme. The aim is to gain improved skills in quantitative methods and production of scientific articles based on quantitative data analysis, in particular cross-section innovation data. It includes lectures and exercises in statistical inference, quantitative designs, table analysis, correlation, regression, logistic regression, factor/prinicipal component analysis, and an introduction to time-series and multi-level analysis. You may also use your own cross-section data if suitable.

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Course Coordinator
Professor Mikael Sandberglänk till annan webbplats

Teachers: Eric Järpelänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster

Research Theory

The course is planned to start in spring 2014.

Other courses

Classics in Innovation Processes and Business Creation (7,5 ECTS)

The PhD course is run as a series of seminars and workshops organized around the following themes:

(I) The growth and the boundaries of the firm.

(II) Knowledge and learning: creation, use, dissemination and integration.

(III) The behavioural theories of the firm, complexity and search.

(IV )Evolutionary theorizing.

(V) Firms, systems and networks.

(VI) Change processes: innovation processes and entrepreneurial action

Please note that during 2015 the course runs twice and during spring 2016 four times. Each seminar will run a full day. During the first meeting the dates of the four spring seminars will be determined.


12 November, 9:00-16:00. Theme I.

10 December, 9:00-16:00. Theme II.

For more information please contact Magnus Holmén


Contemporary Issues in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (6 ETCS)

There is growing interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, both in academia and among practitioners. As interdisciplinary topics, Innovation and entrepreneurship are concepts that can sometimes be fluid and contested. This course attempts to pull together various issues in contemporary innovation and Entrepreneurship Research and spark discussions about the current state of the fields and their directions.

The goal is both to present a broad overview of the field and to help students to advance their own projects.

The course will examine the interaction of several topics within the area of innovation and entrepreneurship, Focusing On how! Individual and organizational behavior affects the formation of new knowledge and firms. Among The Topics are The Decision making and micro

Processes of innovation, the Determinants of entrepreneurial entry and success, and Business model innovation. More informationPDF (pdf, 193.1 kB)

Course date: April13 -17, 2015
Venue: University of Iceland in Reykjavik

Course Directors

The Process of Theorizing and Theory Building in Management research, 5 credits

This PhD course aims to acquaint the PhD students with the process of theorizing and theory building in management research.

We start from the premise that it is critical for PhD students to master the process of theorizing and theory development from the extant knowledge and empirical data quite early in their Doctoral studies.

By the end of the course the PhD students will have gained skills and knowledge in (a) gaining sensitivity to theoretical development during the literature review process , and (b) analyzing and theorizing from qualitative data.

PhD students also have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session with Dr Barney Glaser via live Skype from California.

Course date: 4 - 8 May, 2015
Venue: Halmstad University, Sweden

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More informationPDF (pdf, 233.2 kB)

Research Utilisation

Please find attached information about the PhDcourse Research UtilisationPDF (pdf, 196.6 kB).

Deadline for application is the 1 of Januari. The course begins the 31 of January 2014.

If you are interested in the course, please contact Svante Andersson

Futures of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Studies

The course aims to give participants both systematic overview about entrepreneurship and innovation studies, in-depth discussions of state-of-the-art research in the area. All course elements are given by well-established researchers who are experts in their respective fields. Participants on the course include January Fagerberg, Astrid Kander, Cristina Chaminade, Siri Terjesen, and others.

Mer informationPDF (pdf, 77.1 kB)

Contact: Jonas Gabrielsson and Hans Landström, Lund

The Process of Theorizing and Theory Building in Management Research (5 ECTS)

The PhD Course is a programme run jointly by Aalborg University (AAU, Denmark), Oulu University (OULU, Finland), and Halmstad University (HH, Sweden) on a rotating basis.
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Forskningens hantverk, Att ansöka om forskningsmedel, 3 hp

Graduate School Health and Welfare
The course is campus-based workshop series.

Forskningens hantverk, Posterpresentation, 3 hp

Graduate School Health and Welfare

PhD course in innovation management (7.5 hp

A PhD course in innovation management will be organized by the department of Technology Management and Economics at Chalmers University of Technology. The course will start in December 2013 and continue during spring 2014. Further information can be found on the following webpage.länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster

Questions about the course can be sent to the course leaders and examiners Sofia Börjesson ( and Maria Elmquist (

The deadline for applying for the course is November 20th and applications should be sent to Yvonne Olausson (

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